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Branding, website design, marketing design

RedFalcon’s mission is to bring artificial intelligence to everyday devices. They make it possible to perform artificial intelligence computing on low cost and low power edge devices such as smartphones, security cameras, connected home appliances, autonomous vehicles and robots, IoT sensors and IoT gateways. 

We helped RedFalcon to define their brand and their visual language in digital and print formats.

We started by defining the brand’s values ​​and essence, then moved on to creating quick sketches in graphical directions. The direction chosen included a reference to the bird on the one hand and the camera lens on the other. The graphic language we chose for the brand is a technology language that empowers data analysis and machine learning capabilities of the company.

After receiving the final approval for the logo, color palette and visual elements, we moved on to the site design and design. In order to save time we did not split the work on the site into 2 steps but we did the UX and the UI together.

The third step was creating branded marketing products – social networking images, brochures, rollups, etc.

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