LakeFS branding by hello

LakeFS branding and website design

lakeFS is an open source platform that delivers resilience and manageability to your existing object-storage based data lake. With lakeFS you can build repeatable, atomic and versioned data lake operations – from complex ETL jobs to data science and analytics.

Cynamics branding and website UX/UI design by hello.

Cynamics branding

Cynamics is an AI-based Smart Network Visibility Solution for Threat Prediction and Performance Optimization.

Lightrun branding by hello

Lightrun branding

We worked with Lightrun team on naming, messaging, branding, website design, product design (UX, UI) and marketing design.

Israel living lab branding and website UX/UI design by hello.

Israel Living Lab branding

We worked with Israel Living Lab on their messaging, Branding, Website UX and UI and various branding and marketing elements.

Voicesense branding and website UX/UI design by hello.

VoiceSense branding, website, and marketing design

Voicesense leverages the power of voice, linking speech patterns with personal tendencies to forecast individual behavior.

Our process includes strategic analysis and consulting, brand development, visual language and concept development, website design, and design for online and print marketing materials.

Pey app UX and UI design

Pey app UX UI

Pey is a digital wallet app, for iPhone and Android, which includes a variety of models for different uses, such as account management, savings management, family wallet, business account, and more, as well as a component system that allows creating white-label digital wallets.

market beyond branding and website UX/UI design by hello.

Market Beyond branding

MarketBeyond is a cutting edge Ai solution which provides Fortune 500 companies with actionable, real-time, product-level insights that advance their eCommerce business.

VDOO branding and website UX/UI design by hello.

VDOO branding & website design

Meet VDOO, an innovative startup that’s protecting the IOT world from evil by offering an end-to-end cyber security solution for any IOT device. VDOO was chosen as one of the 100 rising startups in Israel & as one of the 20 promising start ups in 2018! We’re proud to introduce the new VDOO visual identity we created for this awesome startup.

red falcon branding and website UX/UI design by hello.

RedFalcon Branding, UX/UI and Marketing design

We started working with Red Falcon on rebranding the brand that used them until they raised money. We started by defining the brand’s values ​​and essence, then moved on to creating quick sketches in graphical directions.