Product UX-UI design

Hello design - product UX-UI design- DoControl - poster

DoControl product design

The Client DoControl, a SaaS data access control solution Industry Cybersecurity What we did Product UX Product UI On-going design

UX UI design fo Lightrun product

Product UX-UI design for Lightrun

Lightrun is a Powerful Production Debugger. Lightrun allows to securely add logs, performance metrics and traces to production and staging in real time, on demand and gain developer productivity and 100% code-level observability.

UX and UI for Voicesense product

UX-UI for Voicesense product

Voicesense technology bring predictive analytics based on voice. We worked with Voicesense on the product design (UX and UI) for the clients dashboard and the quick reports generator

UX design and UI design for Voicesense reports and app

UX-UI design for Voicesense app

Voicesense is a groundbreaking predictive speech analytics platform.
We did: Product consulting, UX and UI for the app, Marketing concept & assets for app stores.

Careebiz branding and product design (UX/UI) by hello.

UX-UI design for Careebiz product

Careebiz is an employer management tool build for the new world of transparency and data. Careebiz provides employers profiles, videos, reviews and feedbacks for top companies, agancies and firms, made by the companies and also community generated content.

Pey app UX and UI design

UX-UI design for Pey app

Pey is a digital wallet app, for iPhone and Android, which includes a variety of models for different uses, such as account management, savings management, family wallet, business account, and more, as well as a component system that allows creating white-label digital wallets.

Kvisi website UX UI and marketing design

kVisi app UX- UI and marketing design

kVisi is an on-demand app for dry cleaning, pressing and laundry services. We defined kVisi user experience, designed kVisi native app and created all the company marketing materials, from website, decks and social posts to videos, vehicles and laundry bags.

Myway app UX UI by hello.

My Way app UX-UI design

We worked with the My Way team on product setup and roadmap, The product functionality, The user flows, user experience and screen designs.

Hightechist branding and product design (UX/UI) by hello.

UX-UI design for Hitechist product

We work closely with Careebiz team to create a platform that is part ATS (Applicant tracking system), part brand management platform and part social network based on recommendations and reviews.